Lise’s mention of her Tarot reading a while back made me think of this K5 story, which kind of suggests that there might be exploitable holes in the consistency of the universe, and that there are Things which have learned to exploit them. It’s a neat idea, whether it’s true or not.

The author, localroger, is an interesting chap. As well as writing a series on casinos and gambling, he’s also done some reasonably good SF. His novel, The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, is available online, as well A Casino Odyssey Online, a short story set in the same universe. Both stories have something to say about what humans would do if technology meant they could basically have anything they wanted. Neither of them are particularly pleasant though, be warned.

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Had a fairly active weekend. I was back at Churchill for another bop on Friday. Not sure I enjoyed it as much as the 50s themed one, as the music was a bit dodgy. I went to 7a Jesus Lane with Lise, Terrie, Viv and Brian + Brian’s friend Darian on Saturday. Ended up in the Maypole, St Eds bar and then at T&L’s. Spent Sunday sat at the back of the Regal trying to answer quiz questions from Darian and failing abysmally. Popped into Clare’s BBQ on the way back. Dancing last night as usual. And so it goes.

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  1. I studied the strategies, I played smart, and I lost my ass. I couldn’t win a bet on what time of day it was.

    Bit like that guy whingeing about the odds at Corpus May Ball casino. (Which was free, anyway, jerkface, so why were you whingeing? Idiot, whoever you are.)


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