What I did on my holidays

Came back from Center Parcs on Friday.

<lj-cut text=”What I did on my holidays”> After spending ages in the opticians trying to get new contact lenses in and then out again, I picked up Ed and jacquic and headed off for Sherwood. The days have all jumbled together somewhat, so here are some highlights:

Paintballing on the Sunday was good. Got hit a few times, including in the face, but it didn’t hurt much. I think the worst bruise was received by Clare, who was shot at close range by a member of her own team who’d left his safety off. I’ve a feeling the other team were being less middle class about keeping to all the rules, so we lost abysmally, but had a good time anyway. Chris’s impersonation of Rambo was fun to watch: I think he must have spent about 60 quid on extra ammo in the end.

Not having to drive anywhere, I was able to have the odd glass of wine now and again. Got a bit sloshed on Sunday night when we all went to the Tex-Mex place, but I don’t think I did anything too embarrassing.

I played badminton and enjoyed it. I think I’m another person who was put off raquet sports by tennis. Unfortunately I was wearing sandals while playing (don’t own trainers and I joined the game unexpectedly, having gone to spectate) and ignored a pain developing in my left foot. I’ve ended up with a nasty patch of missing skin on the bottom of that foot, which has made me limp a little ever since I did it. Silly me. Still, badminton was fun. Also did a bit of table tennis.

terriem lent me new Harry Potter book (with strict instructions not to fold, spindle or mutilate it), which I spent one day reading. I liked it. Will read the next one.

The big swimming pool and waterslides under the dome were fun, although the rapids were not very.

Played a reasonable number of board games and the like. Jacqui appears to be addicted to the Lord of the Rings Top Trumps cards, so I can see her having to buy her own set soon.

We got on reasonably well for a group of people spending time at close quarters for a week, although there were some spats from time to time.

All in all, I’d go again next year and do some more badminton and paintballing (with trainers this time).

I was diverted from General Dancing by a invite from lisekit to a 50s themed bop at Churchill. Whole lotta jiving went on. Good fun was had by all. It was nice to see the old place again. Not much seems to have changed. Returned to Lise and Terrie’s and left rather late, so feeling somewhat tired on Saturday. I went to Tom’s barbeque but not to the fireworks/film showing in town afterwards. Feeling somewhat more rested today.

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      1. Would just like to add that I wasn’t drunk at all, so Terrie has no excuse.

        I also think it’s much more fun if nobody says exactly what we’re on about, as you get better rumours that way. 🙂


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