Points of Departure

Watched Babylon 5 series 2 DVD 1 last night. Sheridan more wooden than I remembered: presumably he gets into it a bit more later. Comic relief bits (like the diet storyline) jarred with the more serious stuff going on, I thought. Also wondered why Londo doesn’t make more of an effort to find out who his new friends are. If he’s that expert in politicking and backstabbing, you’d have thought he might twig that he now owes them some hefty favours. Enough plot hole picking: it was good fun anyway.

Trying to work out who’ll be going to Alice’s on Saturday so I can catch the train with them if possible. Everyone’s a bit vague so far.

There seem to be some frank opinions about a certain young lady among my LJ friends. I believe such matters of honour should be settled in the open, in the manner preferred by gentlemen: I refer, of course, to a three-way mud-wrestling match. My money’s on Lise.

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    1. Three-way?

      Well, you did say you felt you should defend her. More the merrier.

      What time is Alice’s party supposed to start?

      3 pm ish, apparently. Still dithering about it myself as I’m quite tired so not sure I want to stay overnight but not sure it’s worth making the trip if I don’t.


      1. Subject: Re:
        Come on! It’s only an hour or so to get there – it’s a short walk from King’s Cross. Edward and I are definitely intending to come back in the evening sometime.

        If it’s supposed to start at 3, I guess we’ll get the 2.15 or 2.45.


  1. Wow.

    Fist I thought to myself… You’re a big nerd. then I thought to myself, I own the XENA special edition begininning trilogy. So nerds are cool!

    That and I want the Buffy DVD’s. All of them.

    So yeah, NERD POWER!


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