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Simulating Religion: A Christian takes stock of Silicon Valley’s rationalist community by Alexi Sargeant
A Christian takes stock of Silicon Valley’s rationalist community
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How evolutionary biology makes everyone an existentialist | Aeon Essays
“Each variant of human desire is ‘natural’, not in the sense of being required, but only of being made possible by nature. And it is in what nature makes possible, not in what it necessitates, that we should look for the answer to the question about what we should be or do.”
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Notes from the Intelpocalypse []
A good, reasonably technical, summary of the Spectre and Meltdown attacks.
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Gas Pump Skimmers –
Skimmers which are attached to petrol pumps internally and then use Bluetooth to get the recorded card details out to the bad guys: finally, the killer app!
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Modern Microprocessors – A 90 Minute Guide!
Nice article about how modern microprocessors work.
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The Aural Majority: Do You Want to Swing, Virginia?
What makes music swing? With sound samples.
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Our quantum reality problem – Adrian Kent – Aeon
An article about quantum theory and the philosophy of science.
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Printable True Bugs Wait Posters | natashenka
Abstain from strcpy! Wait for the string handling functions which are right for you.
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On Hacking MicroSD Cards « bunnie’s blog
SD cards aren’t just inert flash chips: they have microcontrollers with firmware which can be updated in the field. Fun.
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Swing 101 — Etiquette & Floorcraft | Swungover*
Mr Darcy gives some etiquette tips.
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The Slow Winter
A lament that the low hanging fruit in processor design has gone, but done in a crazy discursive way with SENTENCES IN CAPS. Fun.
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