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Modern Microprocessors – A 90 Minute Guide!
Nice article about how modern microprocessors work.
(tags: microprocessor cpu hardware memory cache)
The Aural Majority: Do You Want to Swing, Virginia?
What makes music swing? With sound samples.
(tags: swing music shuffle rhythm)
Our quantum reality problem – Adrian Kent – Aeon
An article about quantum theory and the philosophy of science.
(tags: physics quantum research philosophy science everrett)
Printable True Bugs Wait Posters | natashenka
Abstain from strcpy! Wait for the string handling functions which are right for you.
(tags: programming funny security bugs C stdlib)

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  1. > the Copenhagen interpretation gradually fell out of general favour

    I think that’s wrong, and wiki agrees with me. Yer man needs it to sell his story, though. Again, wiki disagrees (judged by article length) that the spontaneous-collapse models are of interest, and they have a problem that they need to predict exactly (to within measurement error) the same things as the CI or else they’re wrong.


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