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Twelve Hundred Ghosts – A Christmas Carol in Supercut (400 versions, plus extras) – YouTube
YouTube supercut of a LOT of Christmas Carol versions (there’s Scrooge slash fiction? Of course there is), including the definitive Muppets version, Quantum Leap, and a bunch of over stuff.
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Robot makes people feel like a ghost is nearby | Science/AAAS | News
You can induce sensed presences by having a robot poke you in the back.
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Philosophical Disquisitions: Is there a defensible atheistic account of moral values?
Maybe, or at least, it’s as good as a popular theistic account.
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Strange Horizons Articles: A Few Questions About the Culture: An Interview with Iain Banks, by Jude Roberts
An old, but recently published, interview with the Iain M Banks. Via andrewducker.
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