Some of you customise your journal’s appearance using LiveJournal’s S2 system. The whole thing looks a bit baroque, with much mentioning of “layers”, so I thought I’d just ask questions of people who might know how to do what I want.

I have a thingy which generates an Atom feed from the comments on each of public postings (by “thingy” I mean a couple of Python scripts, one of which is a heavily modified version of ljdump and the other of which is a script which generates the feeds using the dumped information. I might publish them if anyone’s interested). Proper blogs have these feeds, so I thought mine should too.

I would like to make people’s browsers aware of the feed when viewing an entry, which means sticking some extra <link> elements into the <head> element of the entry view. I’d also like to link to the feed somewhere on the entry page, probably in the little list of stuff you can do with the entry (you know, permalink, write a comment, add to memories, denounce, and so on). The link would reference, where nnnn is the unique number which LJ puts in the permalink to the entry itself (for example, this entry‘s number is 83644).

At some stage the script is also going to produce a single feed of all comments on my public postings (and maybe all my comments on your public postings, if you don’t object). So I’d also like to know how to stick stuff in the <head> of the entire journal view (which already links to the Atom feed of my postings which LJ generates itself).

Any help you can give in telling me where to start with this stuff would be much appreciated.

I publish an Atom feed of my comments on other people’s public posts. My comments on locked entries are not published. The program which produces the feed periodically checks that entries are still public, and treats entries which are new to it as private for a few hours in case they were made public accidentally. The feed is marked with various runes to ward off indexing by Google or other feed searching sites.

Still, if you don’t want the feed to include my comments on your public postings, you can opt out by filling in this poll. You’ll need to be logged in as the journal you want to opt-out. If you want to undo the opt-out, you can fill out the poll again and uncheck the box.

The opt-out is automatically checked once per day, so please allow that long for changes to take effect.

[ LJ Poll 1257467 ]