Three social failure modes – Shadow One-boxing
Social failure modes insight porn. Bonus points for mentioning C.S. Lewis.
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Few lesser known tricks, quirks and features of C
I knew quite a few of these but the named function arguments one was new.
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Kid Lit – Futility Closet
French poems to read aloud.
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Martyn Brunt 💙 on Twitter: “15 minute cities – a thread down memory lane 🧵 This was my parents house, in a suburb of Coventry. They bought it in 1965, and it was my home throughout the 1970s and half the 80s. My mum lived there until 2021. It was a
Apparently the “15 minute city” concept is now seen as an evil conspiracy, if you’re a bit of a loon along the “WEF plans to kill us all with mRNA” line. In a wistful thread, this guy remembers his childhood in one.
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“Woke” is a new ideology and its proponents should admit it
“What I find most fascinating about the wokeness culture war – and what makes it interesting – is that it is incredibly difficult to define what it is actually about.” I largely agree with this piece: it’s a new-ish thing (although not that new, it was around in LiveJournal days before catching on more widely) and it’s fair enough to identify it and give it a name.
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