Security and the Cost of Living Crisis | Thin Pinstriped Line
“a workforce literally on the edge of poverty, disengaged from delivery and struggling to retain people runs a real risk of becoming a security challenge which is a foreign hostile intelligence services dream”
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OSF | The Racial Imagination of the Lindy Hop from the Historical Standpoint – Comments and Corrections
Free review of the non-free book
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May We Have This Dance?: Cultural Ownership of the Lindy Hop from the Swing Era to Today | Kendra Unruh – Academia.edu
“By examining film and print media, along with influences of the Great Depression and WWII on public culture, this essay explores the evolution and appropriation of the Lindy Hop as it transformed from a black, working-class dance in the early twentieth century to a white, middle-class dance by the swing revival in the 1990s.”
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I Should Be Able to Mute America
“Before I sleep, I’m witness to many nightmares: Brooklynites are gutting each other over the sanctity of the bodega, Louisianan astro-poets are putting the wiccans to the torch because of their ongoing “amethyst erasure,” someone from Minnesota has gone viral claiming that it is an act of “class genocide” to know that drinking water keeps you hydrated, a Florida DSA chapter is publicly imploding over the contested value of feet pics, a Washington Post columnist is loudly pissing themselves over a petty workplace slight, the bassplayer from a long defunct hardcore band is begging people to share the gofundme page for a single mother made homeless by a twenty minute hospital visit, while armchair experts debate the value of mask mandates as #1milliondead and #bidenbts trend in your sidebar.”
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macos – Missing Wifi interface after upgrade to Catalina – Ask Different
I fixed my ancient (2015) Macbook Pro’s wifi using this trick, after suddenly finding it wouldn’t turn on and reported weird “from localizable strings” text in the Network area on System Preferences. As I’m on Big Sur, I had to copy the files into /Library/ instead, but that worked fine. The Macbook lives to fight another day.
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Omicron Has Created Two New COVID Attitudes – The Atlantic
“Why More Americans Are Saying They’re ‘Vaxxed and Done’” I think I’m about 80% vaxxed and done: 3x vaxxed, I’m basically not holding back on much, but indoor events with lots of people have to be things I’d really like to do (dancing!) and I’m happy enough to (obey the law and) wear a mask in settings people have little choice about entering, such as public transport or shops.
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