The U.K.’s Fight Against the Covid Pandemic Has Divided a Nation – The New York Times
The war isn’t over. Pictures from the frontline.
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siderea | The Very Bad News [curr ev, Patreon]
Siderea on the shock of the pandemic actually affecting you personally (and why Lefties shouldn’t disparage preppers). “The Great Shock was a wake up call. I suggest you don’t go back to sleep. I suggest that if you were caught by the Great Shock, you realize that that was because you were out of sync with reality, in a profound and dangerous way. I suggest you resolve not to be caught flat-footed like that again.”
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[Optimum Performance Settings] For all Oculus CV1 Owners – Virtual Reality (VR) / Hardware & Performance – Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
VR settings for Microsoft Flightsim 2020. Bumping up the “Pixels Per Display Pixel Override” makes the whole thing look sharper for me, so saving.
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The UK government outlines its plan to ease COVID restrictions in England (PDF).
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Jonathan Korman on Twitter: “I have been tangled in a bushy set of threads in my mentions about Scott Alexander and Slate Star Codex. I missed important good criticisms of Scott in a forest of bad criticisms. So I am going to try to collect the important
“I missed important good criticisms of Scott [Alexander] in a forest of bad criticisms. So I am going to try to collect the important stuff.” This guy’s about where I am on the SlateStarCodex/AstralCodexTen/NYT drama after those emails leaked.
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COVID-19: what health experts could and could not predict | Nature Medicine
Devi Sridhar in Nature: “Nearly a year after the first cases of COVID-19 were reported, it is time to look back and assess what could have been predicted by health experts.”
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I thrived on the tension and drama of British politics. Then I had a heart attack | Health & wellbeing | The Guardian
“I lived for the nerve-shredding rollercoaster of Westminster. But the stress got under my skin, and into my blood”
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I’d love to ignore ‘Covid sceptics’ and their tall tales. But they make a splash and have no shame | Media | The Guardian
Neil O’Brien on the fantasies of those in the media, and beyond, who oppose lockdown. There have been a few articles like this recently, hopefully it marks a tide rising against the loonies.
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Rise of the Coronavirus Cranks – Quillette
Another demolition of the smiley face crew.
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