November 26, 2009

<lj-cut text=”The woman is the cape, she is not the bull”>
Start square to wall with feet apart, upper body rotated left a bit and right arm reaching around and supporting the woman’s back, she’s in front of you leaning back into it so her head is on your left.

1 2: wait 3: rotate right so she straightens up, 4&: she spins to man’s right 5: close RF to LF, man catches her left hand in his right, right arm outstretched to the right, 6&7 8, lead her by pulling on the arm, she spins back to man’s left side, man catches her right in his left, and you’re facing each other, not too close together.

& appel RF, forward walks as she walks backwards: 1 2 3 4 (L,R,L,R) aiming for her RHS so you catch up to her by 4

& appel LF taking promenade hold (she turns to walk forward with you), walks: 5 6 7, on 8 step across her raising left hand hand (R, L, R, L).

Twist turn: 1: step behind on ball of RF without weight, &: twist to R, unwind so you’re facing along new LoD (assuming you’ve just hit the corner), lowering left hand to waist level 2: forward RF, continuing to push left hand forward and up 3&: wait, turning her under left hand 4: small jump on both feet, leaving weight on RF, now facing her, normal hold, 5&6 chasse to L (L,R,L), 7: step through with RF, 8&1 chasse to L (L,R,L)

The woman’s doing all the work with the spins in this one, so it’s a small matter of getting the arms in the right place to help her while also getting the footwork and timing right.