June 5, 2008

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As usual, errors are mine, especially the timing and the names of stuff.

Bruce’s samba
Samba rolls (2 lots, starting RF, finishing RF) SQQ, SQQ
Forward R, Forward L, rock back to R, rock forward to L, S QQ S (woman opens out to man’s right)
Forward R, rock back to L, rock forward to R, QQS (and to the left)
Forward L, rock back to R, rock forward to L, QQS (and to the right)
Forward R turning half turn left, cross RF in front of LF, QQ (give her a shove, she moves across as you turn, end with wide hold, with woman leaning forward)
Back R, side L, close R turning half a turn left, SQQ (close up hold)
Forward L, side R turning half turn left, cross RF in front of LF, SQQ (end wide hold, woman leaning forward)
Back bogo-pogo (mate!) finishing facing diag wall, 1-a-2,
Close L, side R to end in shadow hold, left hand in hers, right on her hip, 3,4 (not 3-a-4, as it’s a foot change for man)
Travelling voltas (if that’s the name, you know, the flat-ball-flat ones) x4 starting on LF, curving right and down the room,
Same again starting RF curving left and down the room, finishing facing diag wall
Voltas around on the spot, still in shadow, turning full turn to the left,
Bota fogos R, L, R and then L, R, L 1-a-2, 3-a-4, (stay in shadow for first one, let go as woman does foot change as we step around her on second one)
Promenade runs: 3 steps forward, 3 steps across, 3 steps forward (she crosses), 3 steps across
Can’t remember whether we did anything to make it join up.

Waltz lines
Start backing LoD.
Back R, side L, lower into left knee with LF and body facing diag wall, RF to straight to side, 1,2,3
Stretch left side up and, it seemed to me after Bruce posed us, right arm forward a bit her going back, 1,2,3 (very little further rotation at this point, according to the teacher, it’s all about the sway)

Same foot lunge from here:
Straighten up on 1 but don’t change weight, close RF, lower into right leg extending left leg to side, 1, 2, 3. Tip: angle RF out slightly rather than straight to wall as it makes it easier for her to keep a connection to your right thigh.
Exit to weave:
Rotate left on 1 but no step for man (foot change as we’re on the same foot), forward L, side R, 1,2,3
weave ending, L, R, L, probably chasse after that.

There was an easier exit from the throwaway but I’ve forgotten it. 2 lines in a row will clearly win me more friends at GD, anyway.