April 1, 2004

Among the best April Fools jokes today are LJ’s own pranks of changing “Friends” to “Stalkers” and creating lj_serialadder, who appears to have friended just about everyone, at least briefly. Count the sheer number of whining lamers in that journal. Astonishing.

I also liked morayallan‘s apt-gentoo. And IF Quake is rather good, too. I loaded it into Frotz and it plays! Hmm… not quite sure I believe them about needing the .pak files from the original Quake.

This year’s crop of April Fool RFCs was not a patch on RFC 1149.

Gmail, Google’s proposed mail service, seems to be for real. One to watch, anyway.

I got into a brief flame war on lj_biz for pointing out that it’s possible to spam via LJ by sending out lots of community invites. People, if you’re using the DCC you know you have to whitelist sources of legitimate bulk email. So, I’ve not caused LJ’s emails to disappear into a bottomless pit.

On that subject, the DCC plugin for Spampal is in beta-testing, so the DCC is not just for Unix users anymore.

DoeS aNy Boydie know how to get friends of friends to only display people who are connected via other users and not via communities?