February 2, 2004

I had an excellent birthday party. Thanks to everyone who came along, and to S for helping with it and keeping me sane. There were so many guests I found I’d not bought enough food, but the pizza delivery people came to the rescue. The Churchill, CDC and Drogon people intermingled by the end, which makes it a success in my book.

I blew out 28 candles. It’s downhill all the way from here.

There are now even more photos to go on the web. Anyone know a decent album generator for Linux? Main requirements are:

  • Static page generation (so not PHP and the like).
  • Only touching image files which actually need to change. I’ll probably upload them to NTL, and the script to do that works out what it really needs to upload using the file modification times. I can fake this if necessary, but it’s inelegant.
  • Written in some scripting language so I can hack it about easily.

The winds seem to have blown away the old. And blown a tile off the roof, but change isn’t always easy.