Allen sent me a link to an archived version of the old index page for my old machine, gabriel.chu.cam.ac.uk, which got me nicely nostaligic for a bit:

Three broad categories of people tend to get accounts:

  • Friends who know more about Linux than me and can help out with sysadmin stuff.
  • People I know who don’t have Unix access elsewhere.
  • Women I am trying to impress.

That last one never worked, of course.

In other news, girlie is ill and so I have spent most of today watching crappy TV, reading and playing on Drogon. I should write some code for nilsimsa or the POP3 filtering proxy thing, but I can’t be bothered. Work tends to suck the enthusiasm out of me at the moment.

Today was my last day at work before going to Center Parcs in Elvden Forest for a week with friends. We were leaving tomorrow.


Letting agent rang to say that bloke she sents round to garden had noticed some kids hanging around the house. This was rather vague so decided not to leave work and have a look. Got back today to find back patio window smashed (though not broken as it is double glazed). No signs of an attempt to force entry, so I assume they just did it for the hell of it. Anyone know any cheap video solutions for Linux? May as well make some more use of the permanently up machine.

I’m still taking the day off tomorrow regardless, I could do with a break.