Paul Wright's software

Here's some software I wrote.

LJ New Comments

This is a script for Greasemonkey, the Firefox extension which lets you write little bits of Javascript to alter the appearance and function of web pages (similar things exist for Chrome and other browsers, I think). What it does is remember which comments on LiveJournal you've already seen, marking up the new ones for you. It lets you navigate to new comments by pressing keys, and does a couple of other clever tricks too. At long last, I'm dragging LiveJournal's user interface kicking and screaming into the 1980s.

You can read more about it on my my LiveJournal entry about it (which is also the right place to post questions or comments about it), and download it.

LJ Minifeed

A Python script which posts entries from a link blog (for example, Delicious) to LiveJournal, batching up many links into a single LiveJournal entry. Written for my use, but could be adapted if you're OK with a bit of programming. More details here


URLBody is an extension for the Spampal spam filter, which filters out spam based on the links in the body of messages. I no longer have a machine which can run Windows, so I'm not maintaining it any more, but it works well enough that there's not really any need for further changes. Read about it on the SourceForge site for it.