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If you do this in an email, I hate you – The Oatmeal

Via matgb
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Killing Elvis – David Hines (hradzka) – Alien series (1979 1986 1992) [Archive of Our Own]

"Aliens" fanfic. Good fun.
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Football Mascots, English Democrats And Shadow Mayors | MetaFilter

"Some council leaders and their new powers under the Local Government Act 2000 ("LGA"): – Councillors of the Borough of Telford and Wrekin have the power of flight (section 2 of the LGA)."

Light Blue Touchpaper: The Gawker hack: how a million passwords were lost

The security group at Cambridge on how the Gawker hack occurred.
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  1. I thought it was a fairly interesting accidental coinage (in the legal disclaimer on the DoucheSpeak Media thingy) that the dogs were described as “tempermental”. as if they were mental and had a bad temper.

    What are you going to do post-Delicious?


        1. I’m not so worried about massively federated stuff, but I suspect a similar framework would work.

          My needs are more to have somewhere that I can dump links to that will then have an RSS feed (so they can be fed to Twitter) and also an RSS->LJ tool.

          If necessary I can hack Paul’s current script into the latter – and then it’s just a case of finding somewhere online that does the former. Unalog looks like an open source equivalent, but I need to take a look at how easy that is to set up. And the tagging won’t be as easy, as I liked the way that delicious offered you the most common tags for a site.


          1. I liked the way that delicious offered you the most common tags for a site.

            Yes, so did I. I suspect that that’s where federation would come into its own.

            Edit: I have to say that most of what’s needed could be done by simply posting URLs to a twitter or account. You can easily turn them into feeds, they have tags, there’s existing infrastructure to post daily dumps to LJ…


        1. I’m not asking Paul to write a Delicious clone – I’m asking him to write an RSS->LJ reposter.

          (I suspect the market for that isn’t massive either, to be honest. But such is life.)


        2. I’m not terribly sure what the size of the market has to do with it. Perhaps I’m unusual, but I don’t think I’ve ever written anything on the grounds that it’s what the market wants. What I wanted, yes. What my boss wanted, yes. But the market? If I sat around trying to think what the market wanted, I’d never write anything.


      1. Google App Engine has Python as one of the supported languages, so it might not be that hard, but for a web service the devil is in the details: how do you get your backing store, and your regular scheduling, and the interface, and so on. I’d like to move some of this sort of thing off my laptop (which I currently tend to leave on at home all day) and onto somewhere else, but that’s more likely involve buying a better NAS box than porting it all to GAE. You never know, though…


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