What I did on my holidays

scribb1e and I went to Cornwall, where we stayed in a cottage with a sea view.

We saw the Eden Project. I’d been before, and not thought much of the place, but it’s much more fun when it’s not raining and you can do the outdoor parts as well as go in the huge geodesic domes. We found the Lost Gardens of Heligan, which were pretty and, considering the amount of work and though which had gone into them, downright impressive. Their farm shop also sold us some fine rump steak.

Continuing the gardens theme, we visited some Japanese Gardens, which were very tranquil until a coachload of white-haired old ladies went on the rampage through the place. We’d already looked around by then, and had settled down to have lunch, so their calls of “Cooeee! Deirdre!” did not disturb us too much. After that, we went to St Michael’s Mount on foot, and, as you can see from the photograph, had to return by boat.

We also found a tiny beach you could only reach on foot, and imitated Jack Vettriano paintings.

The weather was pretty warm most of the time, so I borrowed scribb1e‘s Tilley hat.

Holiday viewing was Buffy season 5, which we felt was tightly plotted and much better than the previous season. I got started on re-reading Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver. On my second pass, unrushed because now I know how it ends, I’m savouring the expansiveness of the writing rather than just wishing he’d get on with it. The Diary of a Manhattan Callgirl, which we found in Tescos, failed to either titillate or to arouse much other emotion: it’s sort of Brigit Jones with hookers.

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  1. Oh, but the angst of Season 5! Completely wipes out any pleasure I might have had in the plot. What can we do to make this more angsty? Push the angst button! Again! Again! Plus there’s the general irritation of Dawn. I don’t know what makes her so annoying, she just is. And the stoned, vacant-eyed Tara… And the fact that Dawn doesn’t die. Die, Dawnie, Die!

    Sorry. I really don’t like Season 5.. I like Buffy best when it’s funny as well as angsty.


        1. But it could have been, right? There’s a view which says they could have ended it there and it would have been better for it. I disagree, but that’s most because we’d have missed out on Once More With Feeling.


    1. Riley’s annoying, I don’t mind Dawn that much, but then again, I have a younger sister myself! scribb1e pointed out that Dawn is an attempt to provide the teens with someone to empathise with now that the rest of the characters are growning up.

      I think Willow and Tara are sweet, although I agree that Tara’s a bit drippy.

      Have you seen Firefly, by the way? More Whedon, which I like a lot. More than Buffy, in some ways.


  2. Am halfway through Quicksilver and there’s a definite sense of wishing it’d get on with it, yes. Good to hear it’ll be more fun second time round, but meanwhile I actually have to finish it for the first time…


    1. I skimmed a lot of the long descriptions about mining techniques in the 1680s or whatever, and just picked out the dialogue. I found the Waterhouse bits more interesting than the Shaftoe bits on the whole: while Jack does get into some fun scrapes, there also seems to be more out and out exposition there, vaguely concealed as Jack encountering stuff he doesn’t understand which someone has to explain to him or which Stephenson has to describe at length.

      The trilogy is worth at least skimming, as it actually does have a proper ending, a shocking new development for Stephenson.


  3. The St Michael’s Mount walk was one of the highlights of my holiday when I visited that part of the country. Although it was April, the weather was beautiful warm sunshine with a slight breeze; perfect for that kind of walk. We started at low tide and walked to town as the water gradually came in, so much beachage upon which to play, build sandcastles and dam the little streams.

    Where did you stay while you were there? In one of the B+B’s?


    1. We stayed in a cottage near Mevagissey. We only did the last part of St Michael’s Mount on foot: we were parked almost at the end of the causeway 🙂


  4. Subject: DROGON!
    holy mackera i didn’t expect to find others that listed drogon as an interest. i recognize your name, but don’t remember chatting much – i’m sure it’s just buried somewhere in my subconsious =)

    i was panthera, well, still am, i guess.



    1. Subject: Re: DROGON!
      There are a bunch of people with Drogon as an interest, it turns out. Can’t work out who they are in the game from their journals, though. I’m Igneous Cutwell. I’m still on reasonably often, so do say hello if you see me.


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