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  1. What are your thoughts on getting an Apple laptop? I’m considering it being as how they’re so thin and light – I’d probably just use it for Word/Open Office and internet browsing.


    1. I like them. They’re nice. They run my favourite Unix stuff, but they also play Quicktime and DVDs without a lot of tedious mucking about.

      They are expensive, but you do get a lot for your money (bundled software and also hardware like the SuperDrive, 802.11 and Bluetooth). The Apple store online sells refurbished ones at a hefty discount on Wedesday mornings, I believe.


      1. Which laptop do you have?

        I’ve borrowed an old 15″ powerbook from work for the weekend, its rather nice (I’m using it in bed now). Very thin and light, and perhaps best of all the screen is exceptionally bright.

        I’m running Mac OS 10.2. DVD playback was as you say very easy indeed.

        This appears to be an old powerbook as the system profiler says that its only got a 500Mhz processor. Even though the processor is so slow it is surprisingly snappy. One thing I have noticed though is that it gets incredibly hot… does this happen with the later ones?

        Its a shame that this model doesn’t have 802.11 as I have to run a ethernet cable over my bed to it :0S

        Comments appreciated!


      2. I’ve also noticed that due to the exchange rate buying an apple laptop from the states (although exactly how I’d do it without incurring import duty etc I’m nt sure) results in massive savings.

        I think it was about £800 for the entry level powerbook rather than £1200 or whatever it is.


        1. It’ll probably come with a US keyboard if you do that, and I’d watch for the warranty arrangements too. Still, it’s certainly another way of getting a cheaper one.


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