Went to pbolchover‘s Civilisation day on Saturday. It’s an interesting game, though I don’t think I did very well at it. I left my cities to the tender mercies of the other players at about 4 pm, so I could make my way to London.

We went to Boisdale for my friend Phil’s birthday. Drove to Docklands and then Tube into London. The new Jubilee line stations look very space age. The food was excellent and the service was good too. The restaurant itself was cosy. There was live jazz, too. We did not have the 10 grand Nebuchadnezzar of wine, despite it being on the wine list, as wasn’t carrying small change. Return was delayed slightly by battery problems with S’s car, so went back to Phil’s and read Private Eye for a bit while waiting for breakdown people. Best “Eye Need” ad: “Give me money, I deserve it! Acct xxxxxxx, sort xx-xx-xx”. Best crossword clue: “Obviously gay passion started by boy scouts rubbing (4,4)”.

Eventually got back to Cam at 4 am. Slept much of Sunday. Went to the Cambridge Blue with PauB, DavidB and the Monday night crew last night (decided the Blue was preferable to the Hopbine as it’s non-smoking). Apparently Marcel has started his own dancing society. It’s beginners only, classes are more expensive but there’s no up front membership charge. Much speculation about what the “ladies only” night was in aid of. Can’t really see it affecting CDC that much, but we’ll see I suppose.

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